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Features & Creatures is a mod currently for Minecraft Forge version 1.16 (With future plans for Fabric and 1.18+). The main focus of the mod is adding new mobs, but it also contains blocks, items, tools, weapons, armor, structures, biomes, and more! The current numerical version can be seen above the List of Mobs. Each Major Content Update (the first and second digits) will add entirely new content, whereas each Minor Content Update (the third digit) will be bugfixes and tweaks. Each Major Content Update will have a unique title, themed around what it adds. F&C is still in development, but you can follow the progress, vote on upcoming content, and get exclusive sneak peeks by joining our Discord linked below! I plan to add create and maintain a Wiki for the mod, with complete documentation on all of the content added by Features & Creatures.

NOTICE: Features & Creatures requires Geckolib!

DISCLAIMER: Not every aspect of this mod is designed by our team, some of the features added will be from pre-existing works of fiction, which are adapted to suit the style of Minecraft. All used content falls under fair use laws, and a list on this page will be updated and added to as said content is added.


List of Mobs

Current Version: 0.1.1 (Barterings and Beginnings)



Where to Find us

You can find us in the F&C Official Discord, here: Click here to Join!

Also find us in the Potion Studios Official Discord, here: Click here to Join!