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Fate/Unlimited Block Works (Forge)

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For the fabric version see here


Welcome to the Holy Grail War. The ritual where magi fight with their servants for the right to claim
the wish granting Holy Grail. This mod brings the Holy Grail War from the Fate series into Minecraft.


Whats the fate series:

The story in the fate series involves around an event called the Holy Grail War. During that event people,
usually those who have an affinity to magecraft, will be selected as "Masters" to participate in the Holy Grail War.
The master summons a servant, a "Heroic Spirit", and fight with other servants and masters
for the holy grail. The master, who is the last one alive will be granted any kind of wish from the grail.


How to start:

Installing patchouli allows you to get access to a guidebook containing (nearly) the same information as here.


To start you have to find magic jewels, which generated underground

and then make a summoning altar and drawing chalk.
Create a 5x5 field with the drawing chalk with the altar in the middle and right click the altar with
the chalk to create a magic circle.
Now fill the altar with 8 jewel cluster.
If you want a specific class you can add a servant charm, which is found rarely underground.
Put it in the altar and summon your servant and you'll have a higher chance of getting said class.

After that right click the altar again with another cluster and a servant will be summoned.
Now that you have your servant press "H" (by default) to open up the control gui.

There you can see some stats of your servant and you also can set the attack targets and moving patterns of your servant there and also see other participants etc there. Each servant has
a special attack and you can force the servant to use it at the cost of your own mana and a limited amount of command spells.

You can also use command spells to temporary boost your servant


Grail War:

If no grailwar is currently running summoning a servants starts a new one. Other players then get configurable time (default 10 min) to join the grail war by also summon a servant.

During a grailwar (depending on the config) enemy servants without players might also spawn. Defeating every servant and being the last one standing will grant the player the holy grail rewarding the player with various loot. Enemy servants are (unless they revealed their identity) depicted with a steve texture.


Note for missing stuff:
Heracles axe still has no model.

Pegasus texture is missing and currently the ai is simply a copy of gordius charge attack



For questions or help join the discord:

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