Farmer's Delight

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  • The Cooking Pot now has its own Recipe Book!
    • Opening the GUI will reveal the familiar green book button. Press it to see your current cooking recipes;
    • Recipes are unlocked in the same fashion as vanilla: by having one of its ingredients, or cooking the recipe from memory once;
    • Added optional "recipe_book_tab" field for cooking recipes, which lets the recipe specify which tab it goes into:
    • Valid options are meals, drinks, misc. If not provided, the recipe's tab will be determined in-code;
  • New foods:
    • Salmon Roll, Cod Roll and Kelp Roll - A new way to enjoy your fishing spoils, if you're equipped with watery crops;
    • A full Kelp Roll is quite awkward to eat, so it takes a while. But if you cut it on a Cutting Board, you get bite-sized snacks to eat quickly;
    • Bone Broth - Spelunking? In a pinch? Bring a Cooking Pot with you, and you'll be able to make a decent broth out of bone and cave vegetation;
    • Mushroom Rice - A nourishing counterpart to Mushroom Stew, and a good sink for your mushroom colony farms;
    • Glow Berry Custard - This vibrant cave fruit goes well with cream! It's sure to make your stomach glow with joy, too;
  • New blocks:
    • Sandy Shrub - A short plant which invades the beach coast, alongside Wild Cabbage and Sea Beet!
    • You can bone meal the shrub to make it spread across nearby sand;
    • Rice Roll Medley - Display your knife skills with a selection of salmon, cod and kelp rolls!
    • Unlike other feasts, this gives individual rolls instead of meals. No, you can't put them back after taking one, it's bad manners!;
  • New tags:
    • forge:dough: Used to add modded dough items to FD's recipes, and populated by Wheat Dough by default;
    • forge:berries: Any kind of small berry. Currently used for Stuffed Pumpkin and Fruit Salad;
    • farmersdelight:cabinets: This, together with cabinets/wooden, is used to classify cabinet items for searching, crafting and integration;
  • Mushroom Colonies now generate in Mushroom Field biomes, at random growth stages;


  • The Tomato crop has been redesigned:
    • Its first four growth stages are a block called budding_tomatoes. The normal tomatoes block involves four fruiting stages;
    • The single crop works like before, growing 8 stages until it can be plucked for tomatoes;
    • Hanging rope above the crop will make it climb it up, growing two additional tomato-bearing vines;
  • Some of the Wild Crops have received some visual upgrades, both in art and in world generation!
    • Wild Carrots, being weeds, will strangle some grass out, creating small patches of Coarse Dirt;
    • Wild Onions now scatter individual Alliums around them, making a more natural bush;
    • Tomato Shrubs and Wild Potatoes now grow amidst a bush of local foliage;
    • Wild Cabbage and Sea Beet now grow amidst a patch of Sandy Shrub, a new beach plant;
  • You can now take servings from a Cooking Pot directly in a crafting grid, by placing the pot and a valid container on it;
  • Rope can now be reeled back into your inventory from the top end by sneak-using with an empty hand on it;
  • Updated a few recipes:
    • Knives are now crafted in a vertical arrangement instead of diagonal. This was done to reduce recipe conflicts with other mods;
    • Barbecue on a Stick can now be made from any cooked meat;
    • Milk Buckets and Bottles now convert between each other at a 1:4 ratio;
    • Glow Berries can substitute Sweet Berries on the Fruit Salad and Stuffed Pumpkin;
    • Stuffed Pumpkin has a simpler, more sensible recipe;
    • Safety Nets can be loosened back into 4 Rope;
  • All cooking recipes have received a bump in their experience reward, since the old ratios were very pitiful;
  • Mushroom Colonies have been buffed in some ways:
    • They can now grow in any light level, and do so faster than normal;
    • They can accept Bone Meal to advance growth stages;
  • Skillet damage has been slightly buffed;
  • Backstabbing damage multiplier has been nerfed to 1.4x, 1.6x and 1.8x;
  • All kinds of valid tools can now be used by a Dispenser when facing a Cutting Board;
  • Added Better Combat integration for the Skillet (mace preset);


  • Fix Wild Crops being able to generate on non-Overworld biomes under the right conditions (such as valid dirt blocks in the Nether or End);
  • Fix Rope not emitting sounds when entities are climbing on it;
  • Fix minor pixel inconsistency on all cross crop templates;
  • Fix Grass Block not being unaffected_by_rich_soil, while non-bonemealable plants such as ferns/grasses were;
  • Fix Cabinets using Barrel subtitles;
  • Fix Rich Soil being tillable when the block above isn't air;
  • Fix Nourishment not being strong enough to counter extreme exhaustion levels, such as Lv. 255 Hunger;
    • The overlay now displays half-gilded shanks whenever the player is hurt, and can heal with hunger.


  • Added:
    • vi_VN (thanks, baooduy!);
    • uk_UA (thanks, Altegar!);
  • Updated:
    • ca_ES (thanks, VerdaPegasus!);