Farmer's Delight

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Filename FarmersDelight-1.16.5-0.4.6.jar
Uploaded by vectorwing
Uploaded Aug 7, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 1.21 MB
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MD5 7bde79d16a7dbb9cc86f03336857fad4
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  • Added Serene Seasons fertility tags to all crops on the mod's end;
  • Added new Cutting Board recipes: cutting flowers for dyes!
    • Small flowers can be cut to yield twice as much dye per usual;
    • Large flowers not included, though they may be in a future update;
  • The lower half of Rice crops is now a bit sturdier, and cannot be instamined, making upper-half harvesting more convenient;
  • Updated CraftTweaker integration (courtesy of eutro!):
    • Recipe Handlers have been added for Cooking Pot and Cutting Board recipes, so ingredient replacements are supported;
  • Updated some item textures:
    • Rice Panicle has a new look! A bit less like corn, a lot more like real life;
    • Minor shading tweaks to a few other items;
  • Updated ja_JP translation (thanks, FEMT1915!).