Controlled Burn

58,161 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

You want fire that doesn't break blocks?

Fire that doesn't spread?

Fire that spreads super fast?

Fire get the idea.


Uses vanilla settings by default, so see the config file (after running the game once with the mod installed).


Works on my massive 200-ish modpack!


When updating to some versions from lower versions, you should delete or move your old config file!  Details:
To version or higher from or lower
To version or higher from or lower


This mod is the successor to my more basic mod having to do with fire, "No Fire Spread".  No Fire Spread has no configuration file and only emulates one alternate fire behavior, whereas Controlled Burn gives a much wider range of options.


The configuration has a LOT of settings you can change.  You can even change the base fire stats of specific blocks (on version or higher).




Yes, you can use it in your modpack if you want (MIT license).


A list of my curseforge mods can be found here



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