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Currently this Mod can be played in German and English. If you'd like to translate it to your language, copy the lang file and send it to me (If possible save it as normal .txt File and append it, or just send it in the email) at I'd be very happy about any submissions.


FancyTools adds 2 new Tiers of tools, namely Emerald and Obsidian, with unique 32x32 Textures. They are both very good tool materials, though their strengths are on different stats.

Due to being very hard, Obsidian Tools are very durable, more than 2x Diamond, and they can be enchanted very well. But they have very bad Weapon properties.

Emerald on the other side makes very good weapons with damage slightly higher than diamond, as well as having better durability.


Both Materials can be configured in the config File very easily, to change them, how you like it. Either make them even more powerful, or less




The basic shape is the same as for all other Tools, but Obsidian requires blaze Rods as Handles instead of wooden sticks.



Modpack Permission:

You are free to use this Mod in your Modpack, you don't have to ask




    speed: 9

    durability: 2500

    damage: 3.25

    enchantability: 10


    speed: 8

    durability: 3200

    damage: 2

    enchantability: 25


    speed: 8

    durability: 1561

    damage: 3

    enchantability: 10




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