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No longer maintained, recommended to use FabricProxy-Lite instead.
more information here

Fabric mod for supporting forward player data(UUID, skin, real IP...) from the proxy.

Support BungeeCord and Velocity

More detail: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/bungeecord-ip-forwarding/ or https://docs.velocitypowered.com/en/latest/users/player-info-forwarding.html


  • Version 1.4.1+ require Fabric API 0.28+
  • Enable BungeeCord workaround may break Fabric Network API v1 (see BungeeCordWorkaround config below)


1. Put jar into mods folder
2. Start the server
3. Edit config/FabricProxy.toml
4. Restart the server


BungeeCord Enable BungeeCord support.

BungeeCordWorkaround Workaround BungeeCord incompatible Fabric API 0.28+ (https://github.com/OKTW-Network/FabricProxy/issues/16#issuecomment-751494731).

Velocity Enable Velocity support.

secret Velocity modern forwarding secret, must be set if velocity support enabled.

allowBypassProxy (1.4.0+) Allow players to directly connect the server without through proxy. This also allows enabling BungeeCord and Velocity support at the same time. Make sure the server online-mode=true.