No longer maintained, recommended to use FabricProxy-Lite instead.
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Fabric mod for supporting forward player data(UUID, skin, real IP...) from the proxy.

Support BungeeCord and Velocity

More detail: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/bungeecord-ip-forwarding/ or https://docs.velocitypowered.com/en/latest/users/player-info-forwarding.html


  • Version 1.4.1+ require Fabric API 0.28+
  • Enable BungeeCord workaround may break Fabric Network API v1 (see BungeeCordWorkaround config below)


1. Put the mod into the mods folder
2. Start the server to generate the config
3. Edit config/FabricProxy.toml
4. Restart the server


BungeeCord Enable BungeeCord support.

BungeeCordWorkaround Workaround BungeeCord incompatible Fabric API 0.28+ (https://github.com/OKTW-Network/FabricProxy/issues/16#issuecomment-751494731).

Velocity Enable Velocity support.

secret Velocity modern forwarding secret, must be set if velocity support is enabled.

allowBypassProxy (1.4.0+) Allows players to connect to the server without through the proxy. It also allows enabling BungeeCord and Velocity support at the same time. Make sure the server is set to online-mode=true.