Rings of Ascension (Fabric)

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Rings of Ascension is a mod that uses the Trinkets API to add 20+ new rings to your minecraft. Each ring has its own special effect that is activated when the ring is equipped.

Rings from this mod don't have a recipe and can only be found in specific locations.


Click here to see the default locations of each ring.



 - Ring of Flight (grants creative flight)

 - Ring of Hungerless (keep your food bar always full)

 - Ring of Poison Resistance (grant immunity to poison effect)

 - Ring of Growth (grow nearby crops faster)

 - Ring of Magnetism (pull nearby items)

 - Ring of Knockback Resistance (grants immunity to knockback)

 - Ring of Max Health (grants +10 hearths)

 - Ring of Sponge (remove all nearby water blocks)

 - Ring of Experience (pull nearby xp orbs)

 - Ring of Water Walking (lets you walk on water)

 - Ring of Wither (grants immunity to wither effect)

 - Ring of Undying (prevents you from die, configurable cooldown in the config file)

 - Ring of Slowness Resistance (grants immunity to slowness)


Effects Rings:

 - Ring of Fire Resistance

 - Ring of Invisibility

 - Ring of Jump Boost

 - Ring of Night Vision

 - Ring of Regeneration

 - Ring of Slow Fall

 - Ring of Speed

 - Ring of Strength

 - Ring of Water Breathing

 - Ring of Mining(Haste)

 - Ring of Luck

 - Ring of Dolphin



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