Fabric MyCraft

1,358 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

Mycraft is a vanilla overhaul mod which makes some changes to early-to-late game.






Food Changes:

-Food takes different time to eat.

-Food cooked in a furnace is "Suspect".

-Stew grants a health boost.

-Food Must be cooked in an oven.


Chest Changes:

-The regular chest recipe creates a basic chest

-Basic chests cannot combine into large chests

-Basic chest have less storage space than a regular chest

-Regular chests are crafted with a gold ingot


Armor Changes:

-Armor is forged with plates made from leather and the respective ingot.

-Leather must be tanned to create leather plates and armor.




Animal Changes:

-Animals have can be happy/sad.

-Sad animals drop less loot, happy animals drop more.

-Sad animals cry.

-Being in a cramped pen, on fire, or leashed makes an animal sad.

-Eating from a Feed trough makes an animal happy.

-Feed troughs can be filled with wheat or apples.


Recipe Changes:

-Smokers can no longer be created, they only spawn in villages.

-Tridents can be repaired with Prismarine Shards

-Item repair cannot be preformed outside of a grindstone or anvil.


Compass Changes:

-Compasses point towards a players spawn point.

-Magic Compasses point towards the last used portal and work in all dimensions.



Armor: (with respective ingot and plate type)

(remember that leather armor needs tanned leather)


Magic Compass:

Suspect Meat: (any food recipe)

Shish Kabob: (any meat in fireplace)

Oven: (every vanilla food recipe)

Tanning Rack:

Feed Trough:

Basic Chest:

Regular Chest:



Want to disable a specific change? Now you can customize the mod to your liking with fabric configurations

 Config Info:

Config without Fabric Menu:

     -Navigate to your Minecraft or Minecraft server installation location.

     -Open the Config folder and MyCraftConfig.json file inside it.

     -Edit the values to your liking.

     -Restart Minecraft.


Config with Fabric Menu:

     -On the main menu, click the "Mods" button.

     -Click on My Craft in the mod list.

     -Click the gear icon on the top right side.

     -Edit the values to your liking.

     -Click "Save Changes" and restart Minecraft.









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