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Filename ezwastelands-1.14.2-fabric-1.4.5.jar
Uploaded by ezterry
Uploaded Jun 23, 2019
Game Version Fabric
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MD5 e548758c1ea81ee7efc566b8093e884f
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Update to 1.14.2 mappings/api


This version requires fabricloader/fabric API


In addition to mapping changes the following has been updated since 1.4.4:

* Fix bug editing preset text on preset screen (now you can share presets again

* Remove effective tool hack (and implement using Fabric TAGs), the hack broke with 1.14.2 anyway

* Add some Chinese translations (provided via github, want this mod in another language send a pull request or if unfamiliar with git message me I will provide a simplified submission process)


Tested with:

* Intermediary Mappings: 1.14.2

* Fabric Loader: 0.4.8+build.155

* Fabric API 0.3.0+build.185

* Mod Menu 1.6.2-92


Test (smooth mountains/oceans) ezwasteland preset:


{"terrainvariation":{"amplification":18,"variation":1},"randopts":{"oceans":true,"oceanblock":"minecraft:water","globaloffset":-20,"villages":true,"villagechance":7.5757575,"strongholds":true},"domes":{"lgmincount":20,"lgmaxcount":23,"lgradius":41,"lgheight":10,"midmincount":8,"midmaxcount":14,"midradius":28,"midheight":7,"smmincount":8,"smmaxcount":14,"smradius":10,"smheight":5},"shallows":{"mincount":5,"maxcount":12,"radius":38,"depth":7},"spire":{"count":21,"size":8},"smooth":{"enable":true,"gaussian":true}}<br /><br /><br /><br />Update: 1.14.3 tested with:<br /><br />

Tested with:

* Intermediary Mappings: 1.14.3

* Fabric Loader: 0.4.8+build.155

* Fabric API 0.3.0+build.187

* Mod Menu 1.6.2-92


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