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EZ Pipes and Stuff (EZPaS)


EZPaS requires Fabric Loader and the Fabric API


EZPaS now supports 1.18.1


What Is This

EZPaS (pronounced ez-pis) adds pipes and stuff that are "ez" to use.


Basic Usage

Place a puller pipe next to a chest where the arrow on the puller pipe faces away from the chest. Next connect the puller pipe to another chest using some pipes. If you connect more chests along the pipes, the puller pipe will operate in a round-robin manner, evenly distributing the items across the chests.


Advanced (but still simple) Features

Pipe probes can be used to see your puller pipe system. Right click on any puller pipe to see what inventories are connected with their insertion side, priority, distance, and any filters listed.

Colored pipes can be used in place of regular pipes. They only connect with same-colored pipes, other non-colored pipes, and inventories.

Rigid pipes can used in place of regular pipes. They only connect with pipes, NOT inventories.

Dense pipes can be used to prioritize certain inventories. Any inventories connected past a dense pipe will be bumped up a priority level. When multiple priority levels exist in a pipe system, the puller pipe will fill out all inventories on the lowest priority before moving on to the next priority.

Filtered pipes can be used to filter out items, and exist in whitelist and blacklist versions. They can be right-clicked with the pipe probe to open the advanced filters screen, which allows the user to toggle various flags such as filter persistence, mod origin matching, item tag matching, NBT matching, etc.

*prior to version 1.2.0, filtered pipes only had a persist flag when opening

*prior to version 1.1.2, filtered pipes only propagated filters to connected pipes

*prior to version 1.1.0, filtered pipes had to be placed right next to inventories


Please note that items are treated like water in this pipe mod. Items "flow" out of puller pipes and into pipes, taking branches and paths of least resistance (sans-gravity).


Puller Pipe Stats

Iron Puller Pipe: 1 extraction of 1 item every 12 ticks (1.67 items per second)

Gold Puller PIpe: 1 extraction of 1 item every 6 ticks (3.33 items per second)

Diamond Puller Pipe: 4 extractions of 1 item every tick (80 items per second)

Ender Puller Pipe: 1 extraction of 64 items every 10 ticks (up to 128 items per second)

Netherite Puller Pipe: 4 extractions of 16 items every tick (1280 items per second)


Note that the ender puller pipe may be slower in some situations compared to the other pipes. A good use case for it would be a large amount of the same item (because same items stack). Whereas a diamond puller pipe would be better for extracting multiple different items, since they don't stack together.




* replace the yellow dye with any color dye


More Pics

Here's an auto smelter I made using this mod:

Diagnosing my auto smelter:

Colored pipes:

This mod also works with your other favorite Fabric mods:

Neat, right? 


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