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Extra Gamerules



This mod adds a ton of new gamerules to tweak your minecrafting experience to your liking!


Suggestions are more than welcome!


New Gamerules:

  • lightningProbablity: /gamerule lightningProbability <integer>
    This number means there is 1 chance out of (number) that an EntityLightningBolt spawns when it's raining, setting it to 0 or lower will disable lightning bolts. (default: 100000)

  • lightningFire: /gamerule lightningFire <boolean>
    Enables/disables fire created by ligthning. (default: true)

  • lightningDamage: /gamerule lightningDamage <float>
    Damage dealt by ligthing (default: 5.0)

  • lightningRange: /gamerule lightningRange <double>
    Entites inside this range will be damaged by ligthning (default: 3.0)

  • lightningHorseSpawningModifier: /gamerule lightningHorseSpawningModifier <double>
    Controls how often horse traps should spawn. (default 0.01)

  • doInsomnia: /gamerule doInsomnia <boolean>
    Enables/disables phantom spawning. (default: true)

  • tntExplodes: /gamerule tntExplodes <boolean>
    Enables/disables tnt explosion. (default: true)

  • explosionPowerModifier: /gamerule explosionPowerModifier <float>
    Adjusts power of all explosions by multiplying it to the actual explosion power. (default: 1.0)

  • doSnowMelt: /gamerule doSnowMelt <boolean>
    Enables/disables snow and ice melting. (default: true)

  • pistonPushLimit: /gamerule pistonPushLimit <integer>
    Controls the maximum number of blocks which can be moved by pistons. (default: 12)

  • doHunger: /gamerule doHunger <boolean>
    Enables/disables food bar depletion in survival. (default: true)

  • instantRespawn: /gamerule instantRespawn <boolean>
    If set to true, players will be immediately teleported to their respawn location without being shown the death screen. (default: false)

You can reset a numerical gamerule to its default value by setting to a negative value.


Supported 1.14 snapshots:

18w50a, 19w02a, 19w03a, 19w04b & 19w08b


Note for servers:

It is not required for clients to have this mod installed.



Looking for a 1.12 version of this mod? see ConfigurableLightning


This mod WILL NOT be ported to Forge, don't even ask for a backport.


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