Extra Delight Introduction

  • Extra Delight is an addon for Farmer's Delight with the aim to bring more cooking workstations and recipes to go along with them.



  • Oven - A 3x3 crafting grid with a baking tray slot that makes recipes over time as long as there's a fire underneath. Recipes require one of 8 baking trays to be completed.
  • Dough Shaping Station - Works similar to a stone cutter but turns wheat dough into different things such as pasta.
  • Mixing Bowl - A large wooden bowl that lets the user stir items together into something new. Requires a spoon to use.
  • Mortar - A stone bowl used to crush and grind an item into something new. Requires a Pestle.

  • Spoons - For use with the Mixing Bowl.
  • Pestles - For use with the Mortar.
  • Baking Trays - Come in 8 varieties, used in the Oven.
  • Grater - Used with the Cutting Board to grate foods into fine slivers.



  • 35 new ingredients so far. All of which can be derived from Vanilla and Farmer's Delight items. Some can only be found in chests and not made.



  • 146 new meals, many are logical derivatives of things Farmer's Delight adds such as more cheesecakes and custards.
  • Butchercraft compat! Some meals can't be made without it but it is optional.



  • 43 new feasts, some of which can be served in multiple ways, such as Stews that can be eaten as is or poured over rice.



  • A few blocks have been added to make your kitchen fancier.
  • Wallpaper - Comes in 16 varieties and can be molded with wood on top or bottom.
  • Spice Racks - Come in filled and unfilled varieties, they hold 4 items and the unfilled kind will display them.
  • "Half" Cabinets - A variety of the Farmer's Delight cabinets that are half the size, perfect for over head cabinets.
  • Knife Blocks - A convenient way to hold your knives, works with Butchercraft knives as well.
  • Step Stools - Helps you step up to see what you're doing on the counter.