Extra Sounds Legacy

Improve your clicks, scrolls and more with Extra Sounds Legacy. A simplified recreation of ExtraSounds and Auditory for Minecraft 1.12.2.


• Beacon Sound
• Bone Meal Sound
• Chat Mention Sound
• Chat Message Sound
• Construct Nether Portal Sound
• Craft Item Sound
• Creative Tab Sound
• Ender Pearl Teleport Sound
• Flower Pot Planting Sound
• Hotbar Slot Change Sound
• Item Drop Sound
• Item Pick/Place Sound
• Scroll JEI/HEI Page Sound
• Jukebox Interaction Sounds
• Open Book Sound (Book And Quill, Recipe Book)
• Open/Close GUI Sound
• Place Boat Sound
• Place Minecart Sound
• Plant Crop Sound
• Pull Bow Sound
• Spawn Egg Sound
• Spawner Sound
• Status Effect Sound
• Swap Item In Hands Sound
• TFC Knapping Sound
• Typing Sound
• ...more to come

All listed sounds are toggleable.

Requires MixinBooter
Supports AssetMover