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Auditory is a small client-side Minecraft mod for Fabric 1.19 that expands and improves upon block sounds, item sounds, and more!


Currently, Auditory refreshes most older blocks that would normally use the boring default sounds into much more modern and better sounding sound groups, and gives some blocks that normally don't have unique sounds unique sounds! Some additional things are also changed to make sounds that otherwise wouldn't normally do so such as teleporting with Ender Pearls, attaching leads to mobs, dropping items, pulling back a bow, eating cake, placing boats or minecarts, and quite a few other planned things!


Also available on Modrinth!



What Does Auditory Change?

Currently, Auditory changes these specific sounds, with more possibly to come: 

  • Adds a hotkey to reload the sound engine (Off by default but can be rebound in controls!) 
  • Teleporting with an Ender Pearl
  • Dropping an item
  • Using a bow
  • Attaching or detaching a lead from any mob
  • Eating Cake
  • All Overworld Stone Ores
  • Any Obsidian related block, with built-in compatibility for my other mod Lotta Blocks
  • All Terracotta Blocks
  • Overworld Stone variants, such as Granite, Diorite, and Andesite
  • Leaf and Plant Blocks
  • Shulker Boxes
  • Cobwebs
  • Iron and Gold Related Blocks
  • Bricks and Stone Bricks
  • Any small items, such as Flower Pots, End Rods, Torches, etc.
  • Spawner Blocks
  • Placing a Boat or Minecart
  • Placing a plant into a Flower Pot
  • Inserting or removing a Music Disc from a Jukebox
  • Fixes unused Silverfish and Endermite step sounds







Q: Is this available on Forge?

A: No, as I have never developed in Forge nor plan on it, but if anyone is willing to help port it over please do contact me!


Q: Does this mod have any known incompatibilities?

A: Everything should work fine with most other mods! If there are ever any known incompatibilities though, please do report it in the bug tracker at the top!


Q: Will you be backporting this to any older versions?

A: No, this mod is exclusively for 1.19 and I don't plan on backporting it to any older versions.


Q: Can I use this in any of my mod packs?

A: Feel free to! Just please do credit me if you do so!


Q: Is this mod configurable?

A: As of version 0.0.2, Auditory now has built in ModMenu compatibility to enable or disable each category of features!



This mod is an unofficial continuation of Trainguy9512's discontinued mod titled Trainguy's Block Sound Upgrade, credit goes to him for a lot of the original block sound code that was referenced in this mod!


This mod is licensed under the MIT license, so you are free to use or reference any code available on the GitHub repository!


Requires Fabric API


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