Extra Golems WAILA Addon

78,588 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 2, 2016 Game Version: 1.9.4  

Extra Golems 6.02+ has built-in support for Waila / Hwyla and TheOneProbe. Consequently, this mod is no longer needed and will not be updated. Thank you!

Available for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.9.4!

This mod is an add-on to Extra Golems. It does not add any new golems, but as requested by Zygus42 it provides in-game information about each golem. It does this by interfacing with WAILA.

V1.x and V2.x releases provide full support for all Extra Golems addons of that version! The addons do not have to be installed for the basics of this mod to function correctly.

Config Settings (through Walia.cfg):

Toggle whether attack power should be displayed.

Toggle whether special abilities should be displayed.

Toggle whether "Knockback Resistance" can be displayed.

Toggle whether "Fireproof" can be displayed.

Toggle whether "Right click to change texture" can be displayed.


Use the latest Extra Golems for that Minecraft version, along with the latest Waila version. Also requires Forge.