Extra Features


Most features are configurable or togglable. Notable ones:

  1. Disabling "Cartographer" career.
  2. Villages can generate in most biomes.
  3. Increasing snowball stack size to 64.
  4. Enabling insta-placement of torch (or other light source) into world by a key.
  5. Disabling generation of water and lava streams (ones that go out of walls).
  6. Preventing fall damage for players if they land on leaves.
  7. Villagers follow player holding emerald(s).
  8. Creeper explosions always drop blocks.
  9. Wolves avoid creepers, don't jump when attacking, don't receive fall damage if tamed.
  10. Player can hurt his tamed mobs only while sneaking.
  11. If a player uses a teleport command, his nearby tamed mobs will teleport along with him, unless they are sitting.
  12. Player can set his spawn point on bed during day.
  13. Toggleable item pickup counter.
  14. Toggleable item pickup filter.
  15. Enabling custom block border highlight color.
  16. Disables enderman "angry stare" sound.
  17. Adds a selective entity kill command with configurable range.


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