External Announcements

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External Announcements is a very basic modpack maker utility mod. That allows creating an external news file that will display in-game as chat messages. To provide updates about modpacks, server, or just advertise information. 



  • Read local text or json file
  • Read URL test file (.txt or JSON)
  • Multiple announcements
  • Announcement start delay
  • Announcement repeat interval

File Format

.TXT Format:

Each entry in the file needs to be as follows:

{"Message"} or

{"Message", 10s} or

{"Message", 10s, 100s}


.JSON Format:

Each entry needs to be as follows:

"messages": [{
"message": "Hello this is a test message",
"delayTime": "10s",
"waitTime": "100s"
"message": "Hello this is a second test message",
"delayTime": "20s",
"waitTime": "100s"


The first time value is the delay to first show the message. This can be set in seconds(s) or minutes(m). Second time value is how long to wait before showing the message again.


If there is more than one message it should be comma separated like so {}, {}, {} 

There is no limit on the number of messages.


The path to the announcement file is set in the config file. Prefix the path with "FILE:" to note that it's local, and "URL:" for remote locations.


Planned Features

  • Better Colors support
  • Web link support
  • Opening GUIs with formatted news
  • HTML GUIs for adding images
  • Overlay GUIs for showing news while user plays
  • Constant Overlays that always show on the GUI
  • Server Side support for overriding or adding to existing news
  • Localization support for translating news



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