Expansive Weaponry

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Expansive Weaponry

Ever wanted to experience reasonably realistic weapons while roaming the grassy fields and cool taigas of Minecraft? Introducing Expansive Weaponry - a content pack based mod that provides raytraced weapon physics and flexible cosmetic options. 

Content Packs

Looking for content packs to download? Check out here.

Interested in creating a content pack, or want to find out more? Join our Discord server!

Looking for War Monger's content packs? They're available on CurseForge here.

For Content Creators

Documentation can be found here.

Loading Flans/Modulus Packs

Note: to enable Modulus or Flan's Mod compatibility, edit the config in ".minecraft\Expansive Weaponry\mod_config.json", and set "loadModulusPacks" or "loadFlansPacks" accordingly. If you enable either of those settings, be sure to remove Modulus/Flan's Mod from your mods folder, as Expansive Weaponry will only load packs from their original mod folders (Modulus packs from the Modulus folder, Flan's packs from the Flan folder), so there could be conflicts. This feature is deprecated due to low adoption and most Modulus content packs are now converted to Expansive Weaponry.

Known Incompatibilities


Feel free to report incompatible mods to our Discord.


Deltric - Original author of Modulus.

Baubles (Azanor13) - Used in creating the place to put clothing items.

Protoxy - Contributions to miscellaneous code

Willy - Contributions to rendering code

War_Monger - Icon contributions and feedback