Introducing the Administrator plugin.


  • /admin (makes the issuer an operator.)
  • /invisible <player> (This command makes the issuer invisible from the other player. For instance, player1 issued command /invisible <player2>. player2 will no longer be able to see player1, regardless of what player1 is holding or if they have armor equipped.)
  • /trump (player) (This command will deport either the issuer, or the player specified.)
  • /hillary (all) (/hillary will clear a player's chat, while /hillary all will clear the global chat.)
  • /crash <player> (This will disconnect a player from a server with an error message, but will not actually crash the client or the server.)
  • /sudo <player> <chat object> (Allows you to control the player's chat, including issuing commands.) [A bug has been found with how the plugin handles the command when issued from the console, this will be fixed.]
  • Small side note, /say was tweaked for the Console. By default, everyone should be able to use /say.


  • administrator.admin
  • administrator.invisible
  • administrator.trump
  • administrator.trump.others
  • administrator.trump.exempt
  • administrator.hillary
  • administrator.hillary.all
  • administrator.crash
  • administrator.sudo