Expanded Armory

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Expanded Armory

Nether Quartz, Manasteel, and Thaumium Weapons


Expanded Armor is a simple mod, It takes the Tool Materials from other mods and brings them to Balkon's WeaponMod. 

Currently  supported mods include:


  • Applied Energistics 2
    • Certus Quartz Weapons
    • Nether Quartz Weapons
  • Botania 
    • Manasteel (Will use Mana from a Tablet or Ring instead of taking damage)
  •  Thaumcraft 
    • Thaumium (Can be Enchanted with Repair!)
    • Void Metal (Can be Enchanted with Repair! Naturally Repairs)
  • SimpleOres
    • Adamantium 
    • Onyx
  • Fusion
    • Thyrium 
    • Sinisite 
  • Netherrocks
    • Malachite
    • Ashstone
    • Dragonstone
    • Argonite
  • Common Metals
    • Bronze
    • Steel 

As a note, the flails are weird... they're weird even in Balkon's WeaponMod, they're included mostly for the sake of completeness.


Please note, this mod REQUIRES Balkon's WeaponMod and Forge 1291 or higher.


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Simplified Chinese -  apheliotropism


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