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Expanded Arcanum

96,635 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Expanded Arcanum is a rewrite of Craft Arcanum from 1.7.10, it's primary focus is bridging Thaumcraft and various other mods to add new options for the budding Thaumaturge to take advantage of.


Current Features:

Mimic Fork - Rewrite of the Vox Sonatus, a portable Note Block designed to work with the Arcane Ear to allow easy Wireless Redstone within Thaumcraft


Mod Compat

  • Immersive Engineering
    • Added support for Bauxite, Nickel, and Uranium Native Clusters.
    • Added an infusion recipe to craft an Upgrade for the IE Drill to allow it to harvest Native Clusters.
    • Added Thaumium Drill Head
      • 3x3 Harvest Area, slightly faster than Iron
    • Added Void Drill Head
      • 5x5 Harvest Area, Slower than Steel, slowly regenerates over time


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