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Etherium is a mod adding exactly one new material, one that goes under the name... you guessed it, etherium! It ultimately serves as better-than-netherite stuff which you can gain access to by visiting The End and exploring End Cities, where Etherium Ore sometimes generates in chests. Furthermore, all tools and armor crafted from etherium have special abilities that fit their endgame status.

Be aware that items this mod provides fully originate from Enigmatic Legacy, and will remain incorporated in parent project. It simply serves as an opportunity to include etherium and related items in your modpack without having to include rest of the content EL provides and two mods it depends on. As such, this mod does not have a dedicated repository and issue tracker - the source code is presented in subproject on EL repository, and all bugs should be reported there.

You don't have to include this mod in your modpack if you already have Enigmatic Legacy installed.

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Below are the screenshots demonstrating all tools and armor you can craft from etherium.
Etherium Broadsword

Etherium Pickaxe

Etherium Waraxe

Etherium Shovel

Etherium Scythe

Etherium Helmet

Etherium Cuirass

Etherium Greaves

Etherium Leggings

Worth to note that etherium armor provides a special set bonus when all four pieces are equipped simultaneously:

Etherium Armor Bonus

The abovementioned shield has an animation that appears like this:


Crafting Recipes:

You can unlock these in your recipe book by simply obtaining required materials.

Etherium Ingot (Smelting):

Etherium Ingot Recipe

Ender Rod:


Etherium Broadsword:

Etherium Broadsword Recipe

Etherium Pickaxe:

Etherium Pickaxe Recipe

Etherium Waraxe:

Etherium Waraxe Recipe

Etherium Shovel:

Etherium Shovel Recipe

Etherium Scythe:

Etherium Scythe Recipe

Etherium Helmet:

Etherium Helmet Recipe

Etherium Chestplate:

Etherium Cuirass Recipe

Etherium Greaves:

Etherium Greaves Recipe

Etherium Boots:

Etherium Boots Recipe



Below is the default copy of Etherium.toml file which you will be able to find and tweak in your config folder once you have Etherium installed:



Currently Supported Languages:

  • English (US)


  • frdovahkick, for amazing work over some of the textures in the mod.


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