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About EssentialGUI

I would like to share with you a little personal project that I've been developing for several years. I've always liked to investigate and dig into the Minecraft code and make cool stuff. That's why, over time I've been making a little mod that adds visual "little things" (at client level) that shows relevant information for the player.

I have not studied programming, it is something that I have been creating based on research, watching many tutorials, reading many forums, trial and error, consulting and being answered "learn java", several-quite a few crashes, testing, deleting, re-creating and finally with time and "experience" polishing.

I hope you like it and find it useful. Please excuse my English, I'm Spanish :)

Main Features

  • While in-game, press F12 Key to open EssentialGUI Main Menu
  • Change block outline color and transparency
  • Client, player's position and world information
  • On-screen warnings for several in-game events (e.g. Time Since Last Sleep >= 3 Phantom Menace)
  • Pointed block information (e.g. Point to a Nether Portal block and get the exact coordinates where you must place the other portal!)
  • Pointed entity information (Armor Stand Equipment too)
  • On-screen player's equipment information
  • On-screen Shulker Box and Bundle contents
  • Disable Pumpkin and Vignette Overlay textures
  • Controls Status Effects HUD position and duration
  • Extended Item Tooltip information like durability (w/o toggling F3+H), Item Penalty Level, Extended Food Stats and much more...
  • Zoom in by pressing Z Key
  • Increase/Decrease gamma level by pressing +/- Keys
  • Toggle Smooth Lighting by pressing F9 Key
  • For a extended list and full explanation of every feature, please head to EssentialGUI Readme


Modpack Permissions

You are free to distribute EssentialGUI with your modpack. If you do, providing a link to this page is a welcome courtesy.


I'm not interested in porting EssentialGUI to Forge nor older version of Minecraft. Please, don't ask for it. Thanks! :)

Supported Languages

  • en_us
  • es_es
  • ru_ru (thanks to fatty2021)


If you like my work, please give some support on


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