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    Armor and weapons with effects.

 Huge thanks to Zoom31 for the designs




Obsidian Armor: Extra LP

Coal Armor: Full Set 10% Speed

Emerald Armor: Extra Attack Damage

Slime Armor: Mob Following Range Increase

Lapis Armor: Extra Luck

Redstone Armor: Extra Attack Speed

Crafting recipes are just like the minecraft vanilla armor recipes


Blood Infused Axe: Slowness

Sword of Ender: Glowing + Levitation

Callies Sword: Strength

Ceres Rapier: Poison

Arunas Sword: Regeneration

Axe of Darkness: Slowness

Knight´s Sword: -

Coral Bow: -


Weapon Crafting Recipes:


Material Crafting Recipes:



This mod requires Fabric


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in a modpack.


Ideas are welcome, just post them down in the comments or pm me

For example, if the recipes are good or not :D

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