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This mod requires Fabric API and Cotton API.


The Greek philosopher Epicurus contemplated on the concept of eating food purely for the enjoyment of eating food. Epicurean seeks to extend this concept into Minecraft, making food and the hunger system less of a chore and more of a benefit. To achieve this, the mod adds:

  • New crops: Tomatoes, Peppers, and Onions, which can be found in the world.
  • A cooking table, where you can assemble Meals that give you various status effect buffs.
    • View the wiki to see meal recipes for the time being (the vanilla recipe book is picky about what can be shown, but I'm working on fixing it).
  • The option to disable hunger and only use saturation for health restoration, similar to some RPGs. (configurable, off by default)
  • Jelly, which can be crafted from Sweet Berries and applied to foods to restore more hunger and saturation.
  • Super Jelly, which can be crafted from Jelly and applied to get a better restoration and temporary jump boost.
  • The ability for hoppers to harvest various crops by placing one under the block a crop growing on. (configurable, on by default)
    • For wheat-style crops, the hopper goes under the farmland the crop is on.
    • For pumpkin/melon-style crops, the hopper goes under the farmland the pumpkin/melon is on.
    • For cocoa beans, the hopper goes directly under the cocoa bean.
    • For sweet berries, the hopper goes under the grass/dirt the bush is on.
    • For nether wart, the hopper goes under the soul sand the nether wart is on.
  • The ability to grow nether wart with bone meal
  • The ability to eat cake without placing it on the ground, restoring a cake's worth of hunger all at once.
    • Hold right-click in the air to do this, or it'll place down.
  • The ability to eat Glistering Melons to instantly recover one heart.
  • The ability to eat iron nuggets (configurable, off by default)
    • Each have their own hunger and saturation restoration separate to the Omnivore feature (below) when this is active.
  • Onmivore Mode, where any block or item without a right-click-in-the-air action can be eaten. (configurable, off by default)
    • The amount of hunger and saturation gained is configurable and standard.
    • Items with durability will have a configurable amount of durability consumed instead of destroying the item instantly.
    • Eat TNT for a special surprise.

To see these features in action, check out the demo videos:



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