7,363 Downloads Last Updated: May 22, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Environs++ adds a modest amount of biomes to the Minecraft world, all of which stay true to the vanilla style. Some of the included biomes were heavily inspired by old, removed Biomes O' Plenty and ExtraBiomesXL biomes.


Versions before 1.0-pre2 do not work on servers. You have been warned!

Environs++ works well with other biome mods such as Traverse, Redwoods and Novam Terram. I don't edit any base files so no incompatibilities should arise.

Biome List:

Dry Oak Forest (Sub-biome: hills)

Tall Oak Forest (Sub-biome: hills)

Emerald Cliffs (Emeralds generate here)

Icy Hills (Large frozen trees)

Pine Taiga (Sub-biomes: hills, cold, cold hills)

Sludgepit (Base biome: swamp)

Silk Wetland (Base biome: sludgepit; More spiders, cobwebs generate on the surface)

Stone Basin (Sub-biome: hills; generates meteorites on the surface)

Wasteland (Types: spikes, eroded; generates meteorites on the surface)

Sandstone Ranges (Basically a desert extreme hills)

Mushroom Rainforest (Mooshrooms and large oak trees generate here)

Overgrown Plains (Base biome: plains; large oak and swamp trees)

Kakadu (Base biome: plains; scattered shrubs and brush)

End Forest (Types: Highland and Floating; dense, tall, purple foliage and a boosted enderman spawn rate)

Lush Forest (An oak forest with a higher humidity and more large trees)

Canyon(A mountain-like dry biome)


Decoration List:

Pine: A tall, spruce-like tree which generates in extreme hills+, extreme hills m and pine taiga biomes. The logs craft into spruce planks.

Cypress: A swamp-like tree, generating in swampland, swampland m, sludgepit, silk wetland and tall oak forest biomes. The logs craft into jungle planks.

Eucalyptus: An acacia-like tree, generating in savanna, plains and sandstone ranges biomes. The logs craft into birch planks.

Frozen: A large, white spruce-like tree exclusive to the relatively rare icy hills biomes. The logs craft into birch planks.

End: A set of four different trees exclusive to the end forest biome. The logs craft into birch planks, and the saplings only grow into shrubs, making these trees hard to farm.

Purple Mushroom: A taller version of brown mushrooms.

Cyan Mushroom: A cyan version of red mushrooms.






Future Plans:

-Two new biomes for 1.4

-More unique variants of vanilla biomes such as the forest, desert and taiga

-More dirt/grass variants


Modpacks: Feel free to use any version of this mod in a modpack. I recommend running the mod with Climatic Biomes, as it makes for some picturesque landscapes with these biomes!


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