Biosphere Expansion

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.


This mod's development was sped up with the use of the MCreator interface. 


Note: Biosphere Expansion has been discontinued. I'm keeping the page up for anyone who wants to download the mod, however it is no longer supported.


Biosphere Expansion is a mod that adds a decent amount of biomes  to the Overworld, as well as a few aesthetic blocks that try to stay true to Vanilla Minecraft. 


Basic Feature List (1.2 Release: "The Wastelands and Forests Update")


Biomes - Over 10 unique biomes that stay true to Vanilla Minecraft.

Ores - Two new mineral ores generate deep underground and can be used for decorative blocks. Another gemstone type is included as well, and can be crafted into tools/

Small Tweaks - Some small changes such as the ability to craft furnaces out of all stone types. 



Dark Forest

Dead Oak Forest


Insane Hills


Stone Flats

Tall Oak Forest (2 variants) 



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