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Key Features

  • Dynamic Entity Registry: Easily register custom entities and define their attributes and behaviors using JavaScript.
  • Full Animation Support: Enjoy smooth and lifelike animations for your entities, utilizing LioLib, a Geckolib 4 fork backporting many fixes to the unsupported 1.19.2 version

(EntityJS 1.20.1+ uses Geckolib as a direct dependency because it is a supported version)

  • Spawn Control: Take full control over entity spawning by specifying spawn conditions, rates, and locations.
  • Attribute Modification: Fine-tune entity attributes such as health, speed, damage, and more to suit your gameplay needs.
  • Full AI Support: Access a comprehensive set of AI behaviors and functions to create intelligent and interactive entities.

Getting Started

To start using EntityJS, simply install the addon alongside KubeJS and begin creating your custom entities and animations. Refer to the documentation for detailed instructions and examples.

Visit EntityJS Wiki Page


Join the official KubeJS Discord community to connect with other users, share your creations, and get help with any questions or issues you encounter while using EntityJS. Alternatively, you can click the Discord icon below: