Entity Spring

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Entity Spring


The mod adds a single item: a spring!


Connect boats, minecarts and living entities together with a "spring"*!

*Physics may not apply


Select the 'dominant' entity (the one that will pull the other) first and then select the 'dominated' to create a spring between the two!

(The dominated side of the spring will appear redder than the dominant part)

Connect minecarts together!

Warning: the spring makes the minecarts always push one another, therefore stopping them may prove difficult. This "feature" has been removed and Minecarts no longer self-propulse!


Drag other boats along!

Drag other boats along!


Connect minecarts and boats together!

Connect boats and minecarts together!


The recipe

The recipe


Spring cutter - Separate entities!

Simply right click on an entity with the Spring Cutter to remove all connected springs!




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