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Moar Boats


(<1.13) Requires ShadowMC's Forgelin!

(>= 1.13 && <= 1.15) Requires Alex_wells' Kottle! (1.14.4 requires at least v1.2.1)

(>= 1.16.3) Requires Kotlin for Forge


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This mod aims at giving more options to transport items. Inspired by the vanilla Minecarts, the mod adds modular boats.


New boat types

  • The Animal Boat: This bigger-than-usual boat allows you to transport entities - if they fit - over water more easily!
  • The Modular Boat: This is the main attraction of the mod! This boat accepts lots of different modules to customize and automate your experience! (see Modules section)
  • Utility boats: Combine a block* and a wood boat to get a utility boat: Bring your base with you on boats. All supported blocks retain their functionnality when inside the boat! (see screenshots)

    *Supported blocks: Crafting Table, Loom, Cartography Table, Grindstone, Stonecutter, Chest, Ender Chest, Shulker boxes, Furnace, Smoker, Blast Furnace, Jukebox.

Boat trains

You can link boats from this mod by using a Rope item. First click the boat that will follow then click the leading boat to finish linking the two. That way, only one boat needs to navigate and have fuel in a fleet!


Installing a module is right clicking on the boat with the item corresponding to the module. You can access the modules menu by right clicking the boat when not holding an item that corresponds to a module.

Modules are separated in 4 categories: Storage, Navigation, Engine, and Misc.

Straight-forward modules

  • Chest module (Storage - Chest block): Add a chest to your boat to hold items! Can be filled and emptied using hoppers.
  • Fishing module (Misc. - any Fishing Rod): Add a fishing rod to make the boat fish automatically! Needs a Storage module installed to work.
  • Seat module (Storage - Seat item): Allows you to seat in the boat.
  • Rudder module (Navigation - Rudder item): Allows control of the movement of the boat. Needs a Seat module to be used. Can be set to non-blocking (see engine modules).
  • Boat Paddles (Engine - Paddles item): Allows to control a boat as a vanilla boat.
  • Anchor module (Misc. - Anvil block): Changes your spawn point to the location the anchor is set. Also blocks the boat (see engine modules).
  • Ice breaker (Misc. - Ice breaker item): Breaks the ice in front of the boat
  • Diving module (Misc. - Diving Bottle item): Provides Respiration for players less than 20 blocks away
  • Boat Fluid Tank (Storage - Boat Fluid Tank block): can hold any fluid (amount configurable) registred via Forge. Use a Fluid (Un)Loader to (un)load it.
  • Boat Battery (Storage - Boat Battery block): can hold RF/FE energy (amount configurable). Use an Energy (Dis)Charger to (un)load it.
  • Chunk loading (Misc. - Boat Chunk Loader item): keeps the chunks in a 3x3 area around the boat loaded (can be turned off by the server config) 
  • Dispenser/Dropper modules (Storage - Dispenser/Dropper block): can dispense/drop blocks and items in a set direction around the boat. Allow for a 3-block high column output. The Dispenser module can also place blocks.

Engine modules

Engine modules make the modular boat go in a straight line. They need to be unlocked (top right button in their menu) once installed to work. The speed can be slightly adjusted in the menu.

  • Solar engine (Engine - Daylight Sensor block): engine that runs only when the sun is out
  • Furnace engine (Engine - Furnace block): engine that runs on fuel (any fuel accepted by the vanilla furnace + torches & magma blocks)
  • Creative engine (Engine - Creative engine item): engine only accessible in Creative mode that never stops

Engine modules can be blocked by using redstone signals (with Waterborne Redstone Conductors for instance).

Sonar module (Navigation - Note Blocks)

This special module can be installed by adding Note Blocks to the boat. The boat will try to follow rivers when moving. 

Be aware that this module is more of an experiment than a reliable way to make boat navigate!


Helm module (Navigation - Helm item)

This is perhaps the most important module of the mod. Provide a filled map (can be zoomed out) and plan an itinerary for the boat to follow by itself!

Because you cannot save directly the path to a Map, the path is lost when removing the map from the module; that's why Moar Boats provides two other items to create paths:

  • Map with Path: can be crafted from a normal Map or converted from a Map inside the Helm module menu. Simply a copy of the normal Map with the path registered inside.
  • Golden tickets: all copies of a single ticket are linked: change the path on one to update all of them (even the ones already in use in boats). Useful to control a fleet.

Sometimes, drawing the path on the map is not precise/effecient enough. To solve this problem, Moar Boats adds a new block: the Mapping Table.

Mapping Table

This block allows to edit the path stored on a Map with Path or a Golden Ticket with more options: Adding/Inserting/Removing/Editing/Reordering waypoints. Waypoints are also created by inserting their X,Z coordinates.

If you have the JourneyMap mod installed, Moar Boats will attempt to find the waypoints made using this mod and suggest them to you when editing a waypoint!


Open Computers integration (1.12.2 only)

WARNING: Moar Boats does not yet retain the data stored on the items you provide and will always consider that you gave: a CPU, an *empty* HDD, some RAM, a floppy with OpenOS and the Lua Bios.

Starting with version, Moar Boats supports embedding a computer inside your boat!

To embed a computer, you first need to create an 'OpenComputers Module':Prepare an OpenComputers(OC) Assembler, put a modular boat, fill in with:

  • A Tier 3 CPU
  • A Tier 3 HDD
  • A Tier 3 Ram card
  • A floppy with an OS (such as OpenOS)
  • A boot EEPROM (such as the Lua bios)

Click assemble and you'll get the 'OpenComputer Module' item!

Finally, right click your boat with the OC Module and voilà! A boat with a computer inside of it! The computer requires no power to run as it is already quite expensive.

In depth explanation by Duncan Webb (v4.0.1.0)


More tutorials by Duncan Webb

Golden Tickets & Loading/Unloading by Duncan Webb (pre v4.1.2.1)


Cargo Station and Sea Port by Duncan Webb (pre v4.1.2.1)


See issue #81 for a design made for v4.1.2.1+

I hope you'll like the mod!