Enhanced Comparator

1,440 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 10, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10  

What is this mod ?

It "fixes" the laziness of 99% of modders out there (including me) who forget to implement the comparator input override for their blocks.

What does it do ?

If the block has a comparator input override, it will behave just like the vanilla comparator

Otherwise, if the block is an inventory, It will emit a strength depending on the contents of the inventory behind it, just like a comparator.

There is also a bit of special code for some blocks (so far the anvil and the noteblock). The system is modular and I can add specific comparator support for any block if the inventory content is not the best option (or you can, via the dev API).

So... I used it and it's cool and all but sometimes the redstone signal does not update even though the inventory changed, what do I do ?

That's because the inventory did not call IInventory.markDirty() when it's inventory changed (at least I think that's the reason from what I learned playing with inventories), tell the mod author about this bug (avoid spamming him/her, be polite, blablah, plzthx).

There might also be trouble with remote inventories (like transvector interfaces, remoteIO, etc) because the block that would update is the original block and not the interface (as there is no really good way of detecting that a block updated)

Can I hotfix that problem ?

Yup, place a redstone clock a block away from your comparator, it doesn't have to touch it. As long as nearby redstone updates, the comparator will update too.


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