2,315 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 28, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.3   +1

Ever since the Minecraft 1.7 era, this project has quietly lurked in the background, providing a mixed bag of goodies like many other "fun" mods like it. Since it began, however, projects have been sharded off, letting this mod really focus down on cosmetic blocks, replicas of various distinctive video-game blocks, and weird convention gadgets that really feel like they fit together.


  • Fabric port takes advantage of new 1.13+ features making it the best version yet
  • Over 200 varieties of beautiful, distinctive, and easy-to-use blocks which always work with shaped-block mods like chisels & bits and architecturecraft
  • Conveyors, launchers, and landing pads to help you get around
  • Trapdoor and lock-and-key style blocks for adventure maps
  • Throwable tomatoes
  • Finally on Curse!


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