Energy Meters


Energy Meters

This is a mod for Minecraft 1.12 (and 1.15 soon) that adds energy meters for measuring and limiting the throughput of energy through various cable types.

Meter Types

There are currently 3 different meters available in the 1.12 version.

FE Meter

Works with (almost) all implementations of Forge Energy, including:

Also works with Mekanism Universal Cables.

MJ Meter

Works with:

Only available if BuildCraft is installed, of course.

EU Meter

Works with:

Only available if IC2 is installed, of course. When using the Classic profile, the recipe uses Refined Iron instead of Iron Plates.

Due to the way the IC2 EU system works, you cannot set a limit on EU meters.

ComputerCraft and OpenComputers Integration

Energy meters expose a Lua API that can be used by ComputerCraft and OpenComputers. For the full API documentation, see this wiki page.

Issues and Suggestions

If you find any bugs or you have a good suggestions, please open an issue here on GitHub. Please do not open an issue to ask about porting this mod to other versions of Minecraft. A 1.15+ port will come soon and back-port to older version isn't going to happen.