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Filename endertanks-1.14-1.7.1.jar
Uploaded by ShetiPhian
Uploaded Feb 23, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 172.24 KB
Downloads 2,107
MD5 a6fad51a031d2e6411e13fdba5325762
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


- Changed how block colorization was registered to make it thread safe (should fix the bands appearing all white on random launches)

- Fixed being unable to use buckets on the tanks if the automation config option is disabled
- Fixed wrong inventory being returned by getCapability after changing color code or network
- Fixed bug with LocationManager that prevented Minecraft from correctly shutting down or being able to switch between saves


Reworked interactions making chests and tanks function similarly
- click to interact / see storage
- sneak click to modify (apply upgrades, change color code / network)
- client and server better synced (before clients always assumed something happened)




Marked as beta due to very limited testing

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