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Endermanage allows you to control which blocks Endermen are allowed to pick up and carry. The config file allows three modes: pick up no blocks except the ones specified, pick up the default blocks as well as the ones specified, or pick up all blocks except for the ones specified.

For 1.6.4, individual blocks and block ranges can be specified, including mod block IDs.  For 1.7.10, blocks must be specified by their string IDs, obtained from using F3 or from somewhere like the Minecraft wiki.

The default mode is to pick up no blocks except those specified, which by default essentially means Endermen will not pick up any blocks until the config is edited.

Please note that some blocks, especially mod blocks, could have unexpected results from being carried. They may simply not render, or could potentially even crash your game!

Remember that you can set your game to peaceful to temporarily remove all Endermen if necessary.



MeddleAPI Support:

This mod has a MeddleAPI version available.  MeddleAPI is a mod API layer that runs on top of the Meddle mod loader for Minecraft 1.9 snapshots.  You can find more information about it here.


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