Chisel Retro

1,645 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.4.7

This is a backport of the original Chisel mod from AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, allowing it to work on Minecraft 1.4.7.  It's based on the last version he released, version 1.5, which was for Minecraft 1.6.4.  The later iterations of Chisel, ported by other devs, weren't used in this case because anything above Minecraft 1.6.4 would be a lot harder to port backwards. 

Note that the differences between Minecraft 1.4 and 1.5+ are somewhat extensive, so this required quite a lot of modification to work.  It's currently in beta form, so there will be a bug here or there, and you might consider disabling the config options to replace vanilla blocks for the time being to avoid any potential issues if you add it to an existing game. 

Differences between this version and the original 1.6.4 version is primarily that carpets have been removed, because carpet didn't exist yet.  The same is true for the redstone block.  I may still add those back in myself, but for now the priority was to just get everything else to work.  Another difference is that there was no nether quartz in 1.4.7 either, so the Cloud in a Bottle item is currently crafted with a diamond instead.  This is subject to change if considered too expensive. 

If you're wondering why anyone would go to the effort to port a mod backwards, it's because 1.4.7 is considered a classic version by many people, with several mods that never made it past the barrier of 1.5.  It can be fun to go back to on occasion, and now there's a proper aesthetics mod to fancy up your base with.  You may also want to install FallingFix, another mod of mine to fix the falling sand visual bug that existed back then. 

Since this mod is licensed under the GPL2, I've included the updated source code in the archive, just as the original Chisel did.



Known Bugs:

  • NEI might render some blocks improperly (particularly lavastone blocks), but they render normally in the standard creative mode GUI.
  • Block breaking textures seem to behave abnormally for some blocks.
  • Not all vanilla variation block will have the proper hardness or resistance.
  • Glass shard has incorrect texture.



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