EnderIO Unofficial


This is a unofficial backport of EnderIO for version 1.7.10.


Since the original EnderIO team abandoned their 1.7 branch, no additions to this version were possible anymore, so I created this backport to add a lot of cool features from newer EnderIO versions.

This port offers all the features from base 1.7.10 EnderIO, such as machines, conduits, armor, etc.

However it also includes new Alloys, Armor, Conduits, Filters and Capacitors from the 1.12.2 version as well as it's textures.



In case you are looking for the original EnderIO go here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ender-io  


If you encounter any bugs in your playthough, please report them on the linked issue tracker, DO NOT write an issue on the original EnderIO github page.


Other Notes:


  • This mod requires EnderCore, see the dependency tab for that one
  • Since this version changes the regular EnderIO config file some original EnderIO values aren't read properly, if for Example some Items appear as unnamed, try deleting the config file and restart the game.