The Endergetic Expansion

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Uploaded Jan 20, 2020
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First Mob Build + Fixes - This build contains the first new mob for the Poise Forest: The Booflo



  • Booflo and all its life cycle stages:
  •    + In short terms, it’s a flying alien frog! You can tame it too, make sure to use Bolloom Fruit to tame it. Don’t interrupt their eating though, they’ll get angry! Once tamed you can use them as a flying mount to traverse the       end and even bring them back to the overworld if you fly them back to the main island.
  •    + Once tamed you can give it Poise Clusters to breed with another tamed Booflo, which will impregnate one of the other Booflos and little tadpoles will come out!
  •    + Once tamed the Booflo will wear little bracelets on its arms, which can be dyed like Wolf Collars.
  • Some Quark Compat Blocks
  • Some blocks from the Poise Forest now emit Ambient Particles:

     + Poise Bushes (Short)

     + Poise Clusters


  - They Often emerge from:

     + Tall Poise Bushes


  - They have a little burst of particles from:

    + The Initial Activation of Poise Clusters

    + Opening a Bolloom Bud

    + Landing Poise Clusters

  • Poise wood can now be crafted into glowing poise wood


  • - Boof block recipe is now 2x2 instead of 3x3
  • - Removed some redundant tags
  • - Poise Clusters now work as elevators(Still slightly buggy with players)
  • - Poise Cluster Entities are now transparent
  • - Improved Bolloom Fruit texture
  • - Improved Booflo Vest Texture
  • - Improved Poise Planks Texture


  • - Fixed tag issues
  • - Fixed Bug with Dragon destroying the end portal - relates to tag issues
  • - Fixed Poise Cluster sounds playing at endless distances
  • - Fixed small bug with animations on later forges
  • - Fixed Puff Bug Hives breaking/not breaking improperly