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"Control the elements - Massive Elemental Abilities & Skills mod"


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Inspired by other ability based games, ES is a highly configurable scalable skills mod with 18 Attributes and 54 Abilities for complementary use in Team based PVP and PVE; it offers the possibility of mixing, matching and specializing on different areas.

If you understand the borders and icons in City of Heroes, you will understand them in ES. There is also endurance, similar to mana in other games, which will keep you from being able to spam too many abilities. However, unlike other alternatives, abilities are not a main source of damage or combat. It is still highly recommended to use a sword or bow with them since their cooldowns are fairly large. If you build into cooldown reduction and endurance however, that may be a different story. It's your build, your playstyle.


Preset files: Github

* Necessary to play the mod in a balanced way.

Vanilla - For players who want a balanced experience based on vanilla. This can work with mod packs, but make sure there's no mobs that are too strong. If you encounter mobs that are pretty difficult to defeat with abilities, then consider "Standard". (DEFAULT)

Standard - For the standard modpack usage. This version is strong against normal Minecraft mobs, and is used for modpacks without scaling difficulty.

Over-Powered - Only recommended when using the Scaling Health mod. This version allows you to deal up to or above 1k damage when achieving high levels. This is countered with very high XP costs reaching the need for level 70+. If you can not achieve that in your modpack, then go with Standard.

Custom - You can always customize any of these versions to your liking. If you find any issues you can always configure them exactly how you'd like. You can also mess with the values of the global config which allows you to take easy control of certain features like, xp cost, cooldowns, strength/effectiveness, range, length, etc. Nerf it, OR buff it to your liking!


First Steps:

After you have it installed you'll want to craft the Altar and crystal blocks (the one with the animated texture).

You start with 1 ender level at tier 0 that you can then use to unlock your first specialization, after spending said token you can advance in tiers on the same tree and unlock more abilities or move to a new class and unlock a new specialization. The type of ability depends on the element of the tree.

To unlock a tier beyond 0 you need to place crystal blocks around a 5x5 area of your altar, in total 32 of them are needed to get to tier 3.

Ender Tokens are crafted with ender dust, found as an ore in caves.

Ender levels are obtained by right clicking ender token items on your hand.

After getting somewhat confident on your build and play-style, you can begin leveling up your class, done by manually spending vanilla XP points on your abilities.

You can of course create your own play-style:
- Defense + Mobility -> Tank, Healer, Bait, Summoner, ....
- Mobility + Offense -> Ninja, Assassin, Runner, Trickster, ....
- Offense -> Sorcerer, Pyromaniac, ....

Classes and attributes:
You can play the role of three different classes, each with their own set of shared attributes:

* You get attributes by unlocking specializations/elements/trees and or leveling up the altar.

- Defense.

          * Explosion Resistance

          * Damage Resistance

          * Knock-back Resistance

          * Magic Resistance

          * Heart Boost

          * Fire Resistance
- Mobility.

          * Jump Height

          * Speed

          * Fall Resistance

          * Endurance

          * Stealth Damage

          * Swim Speed
- Offense.

          * Damage

          * Attack Speed

          * Knock-back

          * Ability Power

          * Critical Chance

          * Armor Penetration



Within a class the player can choose between 2-4 different specializations/elements/trees, these all focus on DoT / AoE / DPS / Utility, some more than the others:

* You may only choose one tree per class (configurable).

- Defense.

          * Light - Utility.

          * Earth - Utility, AoE.

          * Electric - Crowd Control.
- Mobility.

          * Wind - Utility.

          * Void - Utility.
- Offense.

          * Void - DoT, DPS.

          * Blood - DoT, AoE, DPS.

          * Wind - AoE, Utility.

          * Fire - AoE, DoT.



In each specialization/elements/tree you will find 6 skills/abilities.

*  Abilities separated by | are an OR selection, but you can unlock both by getting the ultimate.

- Defense.

          * Light

                     ~ Charm

                     ~ Heal Aura | Power Boost

                     ~ Heal Other | Heal Self

                     ~ Nearby Invincibility

          * Earth

                     ~ Taunt

                     ~ Wall | Dome

                     ~ Thorny | Shock-wave

                     ~ Animated Stone Golem

          * Electric

                     ~ Electric Aura

                     ~ Magnetic Pull | Electric Pulse

                     ~ Power Drain | Energize

                     ~ Voltaic Sentinel
- Mobility.

          * Wind


                     ~Extra Jump | Fog

                     ~Smash | Hasten

                     ~Speed Boost

          * Void

                     ~ Warp

                     ~ Invincibility | Hover

                     ~ Unstable Portal | Portal

                     ~ Teleport
- Offense.

          * Void

                     ~ Shadow

                     ~ Gloom | Shadow Jab

                     ~ Gas Cloud | Grasp

                     ~ Black Hole

          * Blood

                     ~ Bleed

                     ~ Blood Pool | Contaminate

                     ~ Life Steal | Syphon

                     ~ Sacrifice

          * Wind

                     ~ Slash

                     ~ Push | Pull

                     ~ Crush | Updraft

                     ~ Suffocate

          * Fire

                     ~ Fire Spirit

                     ~ Flaming Breath | Flaming Rain

                     ~ Focus Flame | Fireball

                     ~ Explode


Resetting Skill Progression:

If you for some reason decide that the build is not for you, you can easily reset your progress, keeping your unlock tokens and 80% of all XP spent leveling up.

Click on Reset Unlocks (2 RESETS MAX)




OP Only

- Reload Config Files: Format: /es_config reload
- Lock/Unlock attribute/ability:

        Format /es_level [@p/[player]] enderskills:[name] [lock/unlock]
         Example: /es_level Arekkuusu enderskills:heart_boost unlock
                  - This will unlock the ability enderskills:heart_boost
- Modify level to attribute/ability:
         Format: /es_level [@p/[player]] enderskills:[name] [set/add/sub/get] [amount]
         Example: /es_level Arekkuusu enderskills:heart_boost set 100
                  - This will set the ability enderskills:heart_boost to level 100
- Reset Cooldown of all abilities:
         Format: /es_cooldown [@p/[player]] reset
         Example: /es_cooldown Arekkuusu reset
- Reset Endurance:
         Format: /es_endurance [@p/[player]] reset
         Example: /es_endurance Arekkuusu reset
- Reset Advancement Level/Respec:
         Format: /es_advancement [@p/[player]] [retries/level] [set/add/sub/get] [value]
         Example: /es_advancement Arekkuusu retries set 0

- Change the sorting of an ability in the UI:
         Format: /es_weight [@p/[player]] [enderskills:[name]/hide_all] [group name] [set/add/sub/get/before/after] [weight/[enderskills:[name]]]
         Example: /es_weight Arekkuusu enderskills:heart_boost Group-Example add 1
                  - This will send the ability enderskills:heart_boost one position down the Group-Example list (requires to change the weight of all weights correctly)
         Example: /es_weight Arekkuusu enderskills:heart_boost Group-Example before enderskills:charm
                  - This will move the ability enderskills:heart_boost before enderskills:charm (automatic weighting) in the Group-Example list



In ES every calculation is done via a series of mathematical functions using a math parser library, where 'x' is the current level (or next level for the advancement section) and 'y' is the maximum level, multiple lines can be used to specify a level or a range of levels, this allows customization like never seen before.

*Example config explaining the anatomy of a file.

*Use the Function Visualizer Graph Tool to test level functions.

// Reverse Ramp (0+){(1 - (e^(-2.1 * (x/y)))) / (1 - e^(-2.1))}
// Ramp (0+){((e^(2.1 * (x / y)) - 1)/((e^2.1) - 1))}


Need Pictures?


Important Notes:

Expect a 1.15+ version later in the future.

Requires Better Hurt Timer.

Use a recipe viewer mod of your preference.
Discord https://discord.com/invite/yd84FJZ


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