Enchantments Control

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Enchantments Control is utility designed for editing enchantment properties. It gives you almost complete control over any vanilla or modded enchantment, but it wont let you change its behavior. Configuration available via chat commands and manual settings file editing (json file).

Supported MC versions: 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2

Will be ported  to: 1.7.10 (work suspended).

This is for both server and client


  • Disabling enchantments
  • Renaiming
  • Rarity management
  • Levels management
  • Custom enchantability evaluations (provided with EvalEx)
  • Type management
  • Applicable equipment slots management
  • Incompatible enchantments management
  • Compatible items management
  • Treasure property editing
  • Curse property editing
  • Applicability for books management
  • Descriptions for enchantments


  • Curses Hiding

Mod supports description provided for Enchantment Descriptions Mod and WAWLA.

This settings are individually for each enchantment and managed via json config, it will be created in mod configuration folder after first game start.

Enchantment Control guaranteed to support any enchantment (vanilla or modded) customized behavior only for any vanilla mechanics (creative tabs, enchantment table, anvil, villager merchants, dungeon loot generators and etc.). If some mod provides custom mechanics over the enchantments it can ignore new logic (it is absolutely safe), so let me know and i will add support for it.

Latest update: 1.1.5b (1.12.2 only)

  • Fixed server crash caused by NoClassDefFoundException.
  • Fixed client crash caused by enchanted item tooltip rendering in some circumstances.

Version 1.1.4b config files are incompatible with previous versions!


Supported Mods


User guide can be found at GitHub wiki.


If you found problem, open an issue on GitHub. You free to use it in modpacks.

Leave your suggestions for new features and improvements. This project is in beta so test any features attentively!


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