Enchantment Potions (Fabric)

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This mod adds a bunch of status effects and potions that have the same effect as the respective enchantment.
Effects stack, so if you drink an Efficiency 5 potion and use an Efficiency 3 Pickaxe, you will mine with efficiency 8.

The following enchantments now have potions (all brewed from mundane potions):

  • Efficiency  (brewed using up to 5 copper ingots)
  • Depth Strider  (brewed using up to 3 rabbit feet)
  • Feather Falling  (brewed using up to 4 feathers)
  • Frost Walker  (brewed using up to 2 snow blocks)
  • Knockback  (brewed using up to 2 cookies)
  • Lure  (brewed using up to 2 beetroot)
  • Silk Touch  (brewed using up to 2 tall grass)
  • Soul Speed  (brewed using up to 3 nether wart)


Additional potions:

  • Milk: removes all status effects, just like Milk Buckets
  • Fast Metabolism: (mundane + sugar) most status effects run out quicker, you heal faster but get hungry faster too
  • Slow Metabolism: (Fast Metabolism + spider eye) most status effects take longer to run out, you heal slower and get hungry slower
  • Confusion: (mundane + poisonous potato) inverts controls for players, makes NPCs spin in circles
  • Undying: (mundane + emerald block) if you die while under this effect, the effect is consumed and you survive just as if you held a Totem of Undying


Also, a brewing recipe for Luck Potions is added and the Luck effect gives you Looting, Fortune and Luck of the Sea.

Water Breathing additionally gives you Aqua Affinity.


The default brewing recipes are pretty arbitrary. Therefore I recommend using Potion Config to make recipes that fit your playstyle.



This mod requires Fabric API


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