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Enchanting Tweaks

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Enchanting tweaks is a mod which allows you to customize vanilla enchanting mechanics. You can change item enchantability and the list of enchantments which can be applied on specific items (including items that cannot be enchanted by default). This offers modpack makers a new way to modify the game.

Besides that, this mod also improves some aspects of vanilla enchanting. You can now craft empty bookshelves ready to be filled with books. Not only does it look cool and allows you to easly change number of books close to enchanting table, but putting enchanted books there also increases your chance to get respective enchantments. It is also now possible to enchant shields and horse armor on enchanting table. And finally, this mod adds some new enchantments and modifies some vanilla ones as well.

Better bookshelves

These bookshelves can be crafted from planks of certain wood type and some sticks. You can use vanilla wood as well as wood from some supported mods.

After placing them to the world, you can fill them with up to six books. Enchanting power they provide depends on ammount of books inside them. The books-power ratio is the same as with vanilla bookshelves. Placing an enchanted book into a bookshelf will give you bonus chance to get the enchantment on nearby enchanting tables. The bonus is capped at full bookshelf of max level books.

Customizable enchanting mechanics

This mod allows you to change enchantability value and list of allowed enchantments for every single item. You can do it by directly modifying mod config file or via gui in mod options. Any item with enchantability greater than 0 and list of allowed enchantments can be enchanted directly on enchanting table. By default, this mod changes enchantability of shield and all horse armor types to be non zero to allow players to enchant them directly and allows certain armor enchantments to be applied on horse armor. This only effects anchanting tables and anvils, not other method of enchanting.

Note: While any enchantment can be allowed on any item, enchantments still work according to vanilla rules and therefore might not work on items they cannot be applied on by default.

New enchantments

  • Area (hoe) - Harvests and tills more blocks at once.
  • Weightlessness (shield) - Blocking does not slow you down.
  • Magic blocking (shield) - Blocking partially reduces damage from unblockable attacks (like splash potions).
  • Counterattack (shield) - Succesfully blocking an attack has chance to increase power of your next melee atack by 20%.
  • Fertilizer (hoe) - Creates fertilized farmland, which makes crops planted on it grow faster for some time.
  • Grounding (bow) - Increases arrow damage versus flying enemies.
  • Item Link (bow) - Gives items from killed enemies a chance to be teleported to you.
  • Magnetism (tools) - Pulls dropped items to you if you are holding tool with this enchantment.
  • Meat Hook (fishing rod) - Greatly increases fishing rod's power to pull entities and reduces durability loss.
  • Momentum (tools) - Increases your mining speed for each block you mine, but resets it if you stop mining for too long or switch to different tool.
  • Reach (tools) - Increases block breaking reach.
  • Regrowth (hoe) - Replants any harvested crops.
  • Curse of Destruction (tools) - Destroys any items dropped from mined blocks.
  • Curse of Instability (bow) - Has a chance to tip arrows you shoot with a random potion (good or bad).

Changes to existing enchantments

  • Frost walker - Frosted ice does not melt below your feet so you can safely stand on one place indefinitely
  • All types of protection, frost walker, depth strider, feather falling, aqua affinity - Can be applied on horse armor as well, aqua affinity allows your horse to swim while you are riding it.

Change log

* 3 new hoe enchantments: Area, Fertilizer, Regrowth.

* New tool enchantment: Reach.
* Hoes are now enchantable by default.
* Color of enchantment names is now based on rarity.
* No longer crashes server on startup (
* List of enchantments allowed to be applied on certain item via can now be properly customized (
* All enchantments now have proper description avalible if you have Enchantment Description mod installed.
* Curse of instability now works as intended.


* New tool enchantments: Magnetism, Momentum, Curse of Destructions
* New fishing rod enchantment: Meat Hook
* New bow enchantments: Item Link, Grounding, Curse of Instability
* Enchanting table modification can now be disabled to prevent issues with mods that also change how enchanting table works
* UUID for weightlessness enchantment speed boost no longer generated each tick (
* Fixed some typos in lang file (

* Bookshelves made from modded wood types no longer show up in creative menu if required mods are not loaded.
* No longer crashes the server

* Added bookshelves from planks added by Natura, Thaumcraft and BoP.
* Bookshelves can now burn. Upon catching fire, books inside them will be destroyed so be careful.
* Changed enchantment names and descriptions to be more consistent with others.
* All armor enchantments will now work as intended for horse armor
* Enchanted horse armor will now work on modded horses

* Anvil enchanting can now be customizes via config.
* This mod now works with Lapis stays in the Enchanting Table mod   (
* Added enchantment description for shiled enchantments.
* Some armor enchantments can now be applied on horse armor as well.
* Frost Walker enchantment buffed.