Enchanting Fever

47,604 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

The 1.16 Version is the CURRENT version and updates for 1.12 will be few, and I will not downgrade to any other versions.
ENGLISH IS THE ONLY CURRENTLY SUPPORTED LANGUAGE. Any others will be completely unlocalized.

Enchanting Fever is a mod that adds 25+ enchantments and curses to your game to help or harm you.

Currently there are 24 Enchantments and 4 Curses, with more to come!

Plus compatibility with Enchantment Descriptions!


Enchantments Added (1.12.2)

Freezing Thorns - Armour - Thorns but with slowness

Toxic Thorns - Armour - Thorns but with poison

Explosive Fall - Boots - Cancels out fall damage with an explosion

Pillowy Helm - Helmet - Heals you after you wake up from bed

Springy Fall - Boots - Makes you bounce instead of taking fall damage

Overworld Affinity - Armour - A few nice effects in the Overworld

Nether Affinity - Armour - A few nice effects in the Nether

End Affinity - Armour - A few nice effects in the End

Freezing - Sword - Sword but with slowness

Toxic - Sword - Sword but with poison

Lightning Channeling - Sword/Bow - Lightning where you strike

Holy Blade - Sword - Sets fire and explodes monsters

Holy Arrow - Bow - Holy Blade but bow

Balloon Arrow - Bow - Bow but levitation

Cursed Arrow - Bow - Bow but wither

Squid Arrow - Bow - Spawns water and squids where you shoot

Cultivator - Hoe - Tilling ground has a chance to give you    s t u f f

Zeus Channeling - Sword - Better lightning

Poseidon's Arrow - Bow - "Better" squid

Leeching - Heal 14%-ish of enemy's max health when you kill them

Reinforced - Hoe - Prevents hoe damaging on till

Tranquilizer Arrow - Bow - Very nice tipped arrows. (SLOWNESS, WEAKNESS, BLINDNESS, MINING FATIGUE, NAUSEA)


Curses Added (1.12.2)

Damage Reflection - Sword/Bow - Reflects damage back to you!

Extra Damage Taken - Armour - Take extra damage sometimes

Bad Gardening - Hoe - 50% chance to not till ground

Second Thoughts - Bucket - 50% chance to not use bucket


Work In Progress (1.12)

Magma Walker - Boots - Frost Walker but lava

Core Miner - Pickaxe - Ores from stone

Speedy - Boots - walk but   S P E E D


 Known Bugs (1.12)

Springy has a cap, and if you fall from too high up, you get trapped in springy-ness.

Second Thoughts is kind of weird, so, just don't enchant your buckets.

Reinforced sometimes looks like it's still dealing damage to the hoe, but that's just a visual bug.



Enchantments Added (1.16)

Frost Aspect - Sword & Axe - Adds "freezing" to mobs you hit.

Poison Tipped - Sword & Axe - Adds poison to mobs you hit.

Holy Blade - Sword & Axe - Deals extra damage to undead, and sets them on fire.

Leeching -  Sword - Heal 14%-ish of enemy's max health when you kill them.

Freezing - Bow - Adds slowness to mobs you hit.

Poison Arrows - Bow - Adds poison to mobs you hit.

Balloon Arrows - Bow -  Adds levitation to mobs you hit.

Prospecting - Sword, Axe, & Pickaxe - Has a chance to drop emeralds on kill

Beast Slayer - Sword, Axe - Deals tons of damage to animals and monsters

Explosive Fall - Boots - Create an explosion where you fall. Also halves fall damage.

Cultivator - Hoe - Tilling ground automatically hydrates it as well. Has a 5% chance to give you iron nuggets.

Careful Steps - Boots - Has a change to not trample crops.



Sin of Sloth - Any Armour - Slowness and Weakness 4 while wearing.

Custom Effects

Freezing - Stops you in your tracks and damages you over time.



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