EMI Ores


EMI Ores


Easily view ore generation information from inside EMI.

EMI Ores is a plugin for the recipe viewer EMI that displays information about how ores generate in the world, including:

- Y-level distribution
- Vein size
- Vein count per chunk
- Biome restrictions

The mod is required on both client and server in order to function; if present on only one side it will silently disable itself.

Owing to the fact that this mod gathers its data from data pack configured/placed features, modded ores should display correctly without additional configuration in the vast majority of cases.

I currently consider this mod to be in an ALPHA state. It is still in the early stages of development and is subject to change. If you find any bugs or have a suggestion on how the mod should function, please open a ticket on the issue tracker.




Comparison with existing ore generation recipe viewer plugins


Feature EMI Ores Just Enough Resources Roughly Enough Resources
Display ore generation information
Display non-ore world generation information
Automatic modded ore support
Display biome restrictions
Combine stone and deepslate ores
Data source Data pack placed/configured features Hard-coded Scanned chunks
Recipe viewer support EMI JEI, EMI (via JEI) REI
Display loot tables ❌¹
Display villager trades ❌²
Display enchantments available on items ⭕³


1. See EMI Loot.
2. See EMI Trades.
3. Available in EMI.