Emergency Command

32 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Client crashing as soon as connecting ?

Most likely you just hit a corrupted chunk and need to be teleported away.


What if staff is unavailable ? Wish you could send a command to reach spawn, but it's going too fast ? Search no further !


This mod will help you by sending a single command as soon as technically possible when connecting.


Configuration is done via "Mods config" ingame screen.

Mod disactivate itself after sending command.



Once client reloaded with the mod added, use Escape menu option "Mods conf" to check command and activate mod.

One can also edit file "config/EmergencyCommand.cfg".


Try to connect, crash will happen, but command was sent.

Reconnect, you should have been teleported.


Fedback on this thread, very welcome.