Emendatus Enigmatica

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This mod is a Data-Driven solution created for Modpack Developers to create their own materials, unify the look and feel of modded Minecraft, and provides them with a handful of feature generation options.

All blocks, and items have been properly tagged, and have all the basic recipes included upon their material's registration.


Additional information on how to setup new Materials, configure new Strata Blocks to be used for dynamic ores, and generating Deposit features can be found on the Wiki.

Should you require any additional information, please don't hesitate to give me a poke over at the Enigmatica Discord.



As of V2.1, most of the compat that was handled by EE has been moved to mod-specific add-ons. These add-ons handle all the item registry and data generation required for recipes, models, blockstates ..etc.

Current Add-ons:


Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, please go ahead. The mod is built to be a utility in the hands of Modpack Developers.


Q: Do I need to disable the Ores of other mods, or does EE disable them?

A: At the moment, it is only possible to disable the generation of Vanilla Ores by introducing Vanilla-based Materials, and disabling the default ore generation in the Material's properties. Modded Ores has to be disabled manually either from their respective mod's config file, or by using datapacks. Information on how to setup Strata can be found here.


Q: Can you please add a specific set of Strata to the ores?

A: As of Version 2 of the mod, it is now completely data-driven, and the addition of new Strata to the ores and generation features can be done through the JSON files. Information on how to setup Strata can be found here.


Q: Do EE Ores spawn in the Nether, the End, and Modded Dimensions?

A: With the new Deposit feature introduction in the V2 of the mod, Modpack Devs have completely control over generating these deposit features in both the Nether, the End, and any other Modded Dimensions. Information on how to setup Deposits can be found here.



For Minecraft Version 1.18+

Blackwhita has created KubeJS scripts which adds a handful of materials from EE, using EE assets.

The scripts can be found here.


EE-V1 for Minecraft Version 1.16 is currently out-of-support

However, if you are still using V1, the below integration should help you quickly setup the necessary script to fully utilize this mod



The wonderful folks at AVSP have created KubeJS Scripts to help integrating Emendatus Enigmatica with your modpack. You can access their scripts over at: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/avsps-easy-emendatus-enigmatica-scripts