Emendatus Enigmatica

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This mod is created to help unifying some items, blocks, and ores that are common among most mods. This mod provide little to no functionality as a stand-alone mod. It does however offer a wide range of options for Modpack authors to utilize these blocks, and items as a method of unification.

All blocks, and items have been properly Forge tagged, and have all the basic recipes. This mod also includes a world gen of ores that match the strata provided by other mods such as Create and Quark.

The wonderful folks at AVSP have created KubeJS Scripts to help integrating Emendatus Enimgatica with your modpack. You can access their scripts over at: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/avsps-easy-emendatus-enigmatica-scripts


Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, please go ahead.


Q: Do EE Ores spawn in the Nether and the End?

A: Yes. The ores of both these dimensions have their own Config values


Q: Can you please add support to a modded dimension?

A: I'm currently working on exposing that control to modpack developers. Until then I won't be adding any modded dimensions support.


Q: Can you please add a specific set of stone to the ores?

A: I'm currently working on exposing that control to modpack developers. Until then I won't be adding any manual stones.


Q: Do I need to disable the Ores of other mods, or does EE disables them?

A: Ore Generation from other mods has to be disabled manually from their config files. EE does not override any of the modded ores settings added by other mods, it just provides a unified alternative.


Q: Why do some ores spawn as Stone ores on a different Strata Stone like Quark Marble for example?

A: Some mods use a replacement feature to turn Stone into their type of Stone instead of generating it, and therefore it will be still count as Vanilla Stone when the Ores Generation event if fired. It could also be caused to having Vanilla stone adjacent to it (for example, behind the ores). I would recommend using other mods that gives you control over the world generation such as Terraforged for example, or KubeJS.


Q: Will there be a 1.17 or 1.18 version of this mod?

A: 1.17 will be completely skipped. However, the work on 1.18 port has been started, and it will be release of EE V2.0, with plenty of new features and fixes. 


- Example of World Generation control with KubeJS.


Q: What is the purpose of the Enigmatic Fortunizer?

A: It provides a solution to those players that use Silktouch on gem-based ores such as Diamond, Redstone, Coal, Dimensional Shard ..etc. The Enigmatic Fortunizer takes a gem-based Chunk/Ore + a Pickaxe (could be enchanted) and will process them as if they mined in the world, applying the enchantments where possible.



List of current Stone Strata

- Minecraft Stone

- Minecraft Andesite

- Minecraft Granite

- Minecraft Diorite

- Minecraft Sand

- Minecraft Gravel

- Minecraft Netherrack

- Minecraft Blackstone

- Minecraft Basalt

- Minecraft Soul Soil

- Minecraft End Stone

- Quark Slate

- Quark Jasper

- Quark Marble

- Create Gabbro

- Create Limestone

- Create Weathered Limestone

- Create Scoria

- Astral Sorcery Raw Marble

- BYG Mossy Stone

- BYG Brimstone

- BYG Subzero Ash Block

- BYG Blue Netherrack

- BYG Nylium Soul Soil

- BYG Ether Stone

- BYG Cryptic Stone
- BetterEnd Flavolite

- BetterEnd Violecite

- BetterEnd Sulphuric Rock


List of Materials


- Coal

- Iron

- Gold

- Diamond

- Emerald

- Lapis

- Redstone

- Nether Quartz



- Copper

- Aluminum

- Silver

- Lead

- Nickel

- Uranium

- Osmium

- Tin

- Zinc



- Certus Quartz

- Charged Certus Quartz

- Fluix Crystal

- Fluorite

- Bitumen

- Cinnabar

- Apatite

- Sulfur

- Potassium Nitrate

- Mana Gem/Arcane

- Dimensional Shard



- Bronze

- Brass

- Electrum

- Constantan

- Steel

- Invar

- Lumium

- Signalum

- Enderium



- Silicon

- Coal Coke


List of Processed Materials

- Storage Blocks

- Ingots

- Nuggets

- Gems

- Dusts

- Plates

- Gears

- Rods

- Chunks and Clusters

- Molten Fluids

- Mekanism Dirty Slurries

- Mekanism Clean Slurries

- Mekanism Clumps

- Mekanism Dirty Dusts

- Mekanism Crystals

- Mekanism Shards

- Create Crushed Ores

- Blood Magic Gravels

- Blood Magic Fragments


Here is a sample set of the items and blocks added by Emendatus Enigmatica


And a small sample of an Ore/Stone combination that can be found in the world.


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