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Embeddium Extras

This is a fork of MgRbExtras-i18n by TexTrue, which is a fork of Magnesium/Rubidium Extra by TeamDeusVult.

This fork will NOT be ported to other versions.



Remove the Fog toggle setting as it cannot work well and is duplicate with Embeddium Extension mod's setting (which works well)

Remove its tweak on Rubidium/Embeddium's MultidrawChunkRenderBackend (It's valid in Rubidium/Embeddium's old versions but goes wrong in new versions), to fix the chunk flicker issue.

Borderless fullscreen feature and true darkness feature are also removed, you should use Windowed Fullscreen and Total Darkness instead.


Add feature from TDV Tweaks & FastChest & VideoTape & Clear Skies (all disabled by default) and add video setting for them.

Update related mixin to get compatible with latest rubidium for the Fade In Chunks feature.

Add memory usage percentage and game playing time that append after the fps viewer (all disabled by default).

Add particles culling based on their distance from the client player (Distance configurable, feature disabled by default).


Chunks Fade In quality config has been refactored to configurable fading speed to achieve higher configurability.

(Tile) Entity List. You can write (tile) entities' registry name in entitylist config so these entities will never be affected by the "Max Entities View Distance" rule.

ModID List. You can write ModID(s) in entitylist config so the (tile) entities of the mod(s) will always be rendered and not affected by the "Max Entities View Distance" rule.


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