Elytra Boost

24,671 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Elytra boost mod

This is a simple mod with a simple aim. 

That aim being to make the use of elytra in the game more enjoyable for the user.


The mod inserts a key binding which allows the player to boost in the direction their cursor is facing.

The strength of this boost is adjustable using the configuration file and the in-game configuration menu, the mod also adds the functionality of allowing the player to auto equip the elytra after being in the air for the amount of time set in the config. This is able to be toggled on and off and does not affect players in creative mode.


From the 1.12.2 release, this mod can be installed on both the client and the server but you can allow it to work without the server in the config. Previously it was clientside only.


You may use this mod in a modpack with no attribution. Feel free to use the mod as you please however please note I am not responsible for your use of the mod.


If you have any suggestions for the mod, please voice them below in the comments.


Please note that for the 1.8.9 edition of the mod you require to also have installed the appropriate version of Backlytra, however, Backlytra mod is required for no other versions.




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