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I've never been a big fan of zombies, and I've always felt that Minecraft has been.... tainted... by the choice to include Zombies and Skeletons, as well as certain other occult or spiritistic elements. I decided that I would make a mod that removes these questionable influences and replaces them with a more "everyday" alternative.


This plugin gives a few of the default vanilla mobs new models, and renames a few of the blocks and items. The mobs still behave in exactly the same way but look different and have new names, and (some) make new noises!


Current Features

  • Zombies have been turned into Brown Bears
  • Skeletons have been turned into Panda Bears
  • Wither Skeletons have been turned into Black Bears
  • PigZombies have been turned into Pig Bears
    (Yeah I know that one's weird... they're the pre-dead pigmen in Bear suits, OK!)
  • Ghasts have been turned into "Guards", a kind of mechanical drone
  • Witches have been turned into Wise Bears
  • New, more appropriate sounds have been added for Guards, Wise Bears and Polar Bears
  • Mob heads have been changed to match the new Bear models when placed
  • Enchanting has been renamed "Enhancing"
  • Potions have been renamed as "Cocktails"
  • Default Nether textures have been tweaked to be less "Hell"ish
  • Netherrack has been renamed "Fire Rock"
  • Nether Brick has been renamed "Cave Brick"
  • Changed wording on achievements to match new changes
  • [1.0.10] Wise Bears have a rare chance to drop one Nether Star if killed with a Looting sword (3% chance per looting level)
  • Bears sound like bears, not the mobs they have replaced
    > Exception: Brown Bears still sound like zombies... because they kinda sound like bears anyway!

Future Features

  • Add new Bear model to replace witches (Feel free to suggest ideas) Added in 1.0.7
  • Rename "hell" to "Epicave" (For the F3 menu)
    > Currently suggest using the BiomeTweaker mod
  • Fix Inventory Icons for Mod Heads
  • Add more custom sounds

Known Bugs

  • [1.9-1.0.10] The icons for mob heads still show the default minecraft models


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